December Newsletter

Elkhorn Elementary Library

Holiday MyON Challenge

CHALLENGE! To raise your READING LEXILE by 50 points
CHALLENGE DATES: Dec. 8, 2014-Jan. 5, 2015

How to do this:

1.Go to

2. Log in using your user number (if you forgot, ask your teacher) We will write it on this page.

3. Go to the account tab

4.You will see your current Lexile

5. Read books from your RECOMMENDED book list:

6. Take your benchmark quizzes after you read 5 books or, if you have never used MyON, we you first begin. Do your best!

Students that surpass their initial Lexile will be awarded based upon the following:

50 Points - Ribbon
100 Points - Medal
100 + Points - Trophy

The top 20 students to raise their Lexile level will also receive a special treat!

Book Fair News!

When? Dec. 11-19
Where? Elkhorn Library

Dec. 11-12 –Preview Days Only – students will make a wish list
Dec. 15-19– Buy Days! 8:00-4:00
Thursday Dec. 18th is Family Night along with the Winterfest Musical
The Book Fair will also be open from 5:00-8:00

The Book Fair is coming soon! Your child will first visit the Book Fair and make a WISH LIST on Thursday or Friday. This list will let you know what items your child would "wish" for at the Fair. The classes will begin buying on Monday Dec. 16th. If your child’s teacher has signed up for a class time to buy books, we will write this time and date below. Please send money for the fair in an envelope or baggie with your child's name and the homeroom teacher's name. We can accept cash or checks made out to Elkhorn Elementary. There is no tax on the book fair total.

You can also access the book fair on-line to order books. You can use your student’s wish list to help you make your order. These will be shipped to the school. There is no difference in cost and the shipping is free. Visit our school website and look under the links for Book Fair.

The book fair will also have pencils, pens, bookmarks and posters. The pencils and bookmarks are .50. Some of the pens can be as much as $3.00. The posters are $4.50. Please discuss with your student how much they should spend on these extras.

Our purpose in hosting the Book Fair is help the students develop a home library and to acquire new books for our library.

Thank-you in advance for supporting our Book Fair this year! Please let your child's teacher or me know if you have any questions about the Book Fair.

See you at the Book Fair!

Overdue Books

Notices will be sent home with the next report card for overdue books. Please return or pay for these as soon as possible. When books are out for a long time, other students are not able to enjoy them. Thank-you for your help with this!