Ethics Flyer

Michael Conkey


A honest situation is when you tell your parents the truth instead of covering it up with a lie. to be a honest person is to tell the truth and this is where lots of people lack honesty.


Being responsible is a good thing to have in life. A responsible situation is when you are told to watch something and stay true to your word but it is not responsible when you fail to watch something.


A integrity situation is when you are being treated fairly so you should treat other like that. Also another way to have integrity is to follow the rules when no one is watching.

A situation is when your teacher leaves the room and all your classmates are goofing off you should just stay in your seat and follow the rules.


courage is when you have confidence this will go a long way as long as you keep courage. A situation when you need to have courage is when you are working out and you need to be a number more of exersizes and get pushed to get them done by a coach, friend or even family

Responsibility To Yourself

to be responsible to yourself you need to do things that involve responsibility. What i mean by this is to always do thing for others and yourself that gives you a responsible mind set