How to be the best breeder



This is how you breed a dog and if you ask me it's a very weird job but if you love animals or things with fur you would understand why I want to do this job is because I love taking care of animals

things you will need

  1. have your vet, a babysitter and you need a friend to help

  2. get a whelping box and put old towels under it or wood

  3. warm water bottles and a heating pad under the towel for the puppies

  4. Scissors to cut cord

  5. Hemostats to crimp cord

  6. Un-waxed dental floss to tie cord if needed

  7. Surgical gloves and K-Y jelly

  8. Thermometer, Vaseline, book and pen

  9. Flashlight in case of power outage

  10. Ribbons if needed to identify puppies

  11. Good quality scale

  12. Preemie bottles and canine milk replacer

  13. NutriCal for dam and warm broth or canine milk

  14. Syringe to syringe fluids into dam’s mouth (or spray bottle)

  15. Foamy sleeping bag and pillow to camp beside whelping box

  16. Calcium—either Calsorb, vanilla ice cream or some other supplement (vanilla ice cream is awesome between puppies, as it gives them hydration and glucose for energy; a calcium boost will help the parathyroid gland to release a hormone from her bones to help with muscles and pushing) and these are the things you need to have before you dog has puppies

day to day life of a dog breeder

Understand that she is having puppies and more than just one, and she is hurting she may not hurt the first day or week but after you see she is growing be genital and understanding. love her and let her know that and showing her that you care and maybe it will help when she is having puppies she won't hide from you. Also walk slow and if you have a back yard let her run she not a human that just is sitting remember she's still the dog and let her interact with girl dogs not boy dogs because she is in heat and it is bad for something to happen between the boy and girl if it happens again something bad could happen.

professional in the field

I wrote to my perfeshional in the and she never wrote back so im just going to sare my questions with you

Q: what suppies do you need to be a dog breeder

Q:Do you need to get the mom shots or anything to see if she is ok to have puppies

Q is it hard to have a mom having puppies

Q: there a certen breed of dog that you cant sell in the U.S.A

Q:at type of things do you do during the day with the mom

Q:at do you have to do with the puppies once there born


The thing is that I love animals and you should never hurt them even if you don't like them. Also remember the steps and you are ready. When are ready she will Gide you through it.