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The University of Southern California is a great college. In 1879,  Robert Maclay Widney established a university in Los Angeles, California with the 300 acrers they aqquired from a donation,it started off with 53 students and 10 teachers! Now this private school is home to more then 33,000 students and 3,200 full time faculty.



     A high school diploma is required and GED is not accepted. A high school diploma or equivalent is not required: Resident Honors Program (RHP) allows students to enroll at USC after the 11th grade, completing both their high school diplomas and freshman years of college concurrently. We international Baccalaureate is accepted.     More than 75% of freshmen were in top 10% of their high school class and scored over 1310 on SAT (critical reading & math scores combined) or over 29 on ACT,about 30% or fewer of all applicants accepted. This college is a very difficult to get into, but we'd love to have you at USC. The tuition is about $43,722, $12,440 for room & boards, we offer both academic and athletic scholarships, and finacial aid is offered. Majors we offer are medicine, architechure, writing, for more visit are website at