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Great News . . .

It is my true pleasure to announce that we have hired Cindy Close as our ELD Team Lead. Cindy has been an amazing resource to many teachers throughout the district, and we are thrilled for her to join the Personalized Learning Department. Cindy will be working directly with teachers in the ELD Department, and she will transition from Rocky Heights Middle School over the next few weeks. Welcome, Cindy!!!

Please also take a moment to welcome our two newly hired and wonderful ELD Leads: Steve Martin and Linda Horneone. Steve will support elementary schools in the Parker region, and Linda will support charter schools. Thank you both for joining the ELD Leads!!!

Ready, Set, ACCESS 2.0!

As our ACCESS 2.0 window is set to open next week, please refer to the District ELD google site for all links and information you might need. The 2015-2016 ACCESS 2.0 page has been updated to include all relevant links including Additional Orders, WIDA Training, WIDA AMS, and more. Please remember:

  • You should have received all of your materials by now. Your box contains writing booklets for all grades in case you have students who need to hand write their responses due to a necessary accommodation. Most students in grades 4-12 will type their responses in the online platform. Your labels will arrive separately, and you will receive them soon if you haven't already. See below for a picture of what to look for.
  • You are required to assess NEPs and LEPs (NOT FEPs) within your smaller assessment window. A maximum number of 150 students may be assessed at one time per server. If you need to complete make-up sessions outside your window, please notify me so that I am able to schedule servers accordingly.
  • If you need additional materials, place your order on the additional materials form linked on the google site.
  • If you have an issue during testing, please use the Help Desk Ticket linked on the google site.
  • You will or have recently received labels for your students. Please refer to page 34-39 of the Test Administrator Manual for directions. It appears they are only intended for paper materials, and I am receiving further clarification on their use.
  • If you are a new to DCSD ELD teacher or contact, you are required to complete the ACCESS 2.0 training modules found on wida.us prior to the administration of ACCESS 2.0.

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions! Your first point of contact is either me (Remy), Cindy Close, or your ELD Lead. Please do not directly email anyone in IT unless you are asked to do so.

If you are a Charter School employee, please forward this document: Messages for Charter Schools: ACCESS 2.0 to your tech contacts to ensure they have what they need to be successful.

Thank you for your diligence!

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Family Outreach Events - KUDOS to You!!

Thank you to those who have submitted proposals for ELD Family Outreach Events. To date, we have scheduled or held events in the following schools. Please note, you may have been involved in the planning of the following events, but are not mentioned. I thanked those who submitted the request - and I know there must be more people involved!! Thank you all for your hard work!

  • Chaparral Feeder Area, thanks Fran!
  • Northridge Feeder Area, thanks Colleen!
  • Flagstone, thanks Heidi!
  • Highlands Ranch Secondary Schools, thanks Cindy, Scottie, and Carol!
  • Soaring Hawk, thanks Jen!
  • SouthRidge, thanks Yanel!
  • Clearsky, thanks Abeer and Aurora!
  • Lone Tree, thanks Jannette

Please know it is absolutely appropriate to collaborate within and among buildings for family outreach opportunities. Please connect with the teachers and specialists in your buildings to create these meaningful opportunities for our families.

If you would like to host an ELD Family Outreach event, please submit the proposal linked here. Support will include an ELD Lead, funds for the event (as available), and books or other academic giveaways for attendees.

Upcoming ELD Courses

Academic Conversations - 904-2

Academic Conversations - 904-3

Please see this message for more opportunities:

Happy New Year Personalized Learning Staff. The Department of Personalized Learning is planning to offerSaturday sessions of select courses on Saturday 2/6/16 at Cresthill Middle School based on interest. Please complete this very brief needs assessment so that we can collect data on what courses should be offered. We would greatly appreciate your response no later than Monday 1/11/16.

Warm Regards,

Nancy Ingalls