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Summer 2019 Checklist for Good Vibrations

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1. Rollover Survey

Complete our 2019 Summer Rollover Survey if you have not done so already. Use this to let us know:

  • when to pause your PowerSchool sync
  • when to resume your PowerSchool sync
  • other rollover-related requests

2. Term Setting Review

Check the day and time when your terms will close courses to students and teachers. Please do not change PowerSchool-created term dates in Canvas.

But you CAN change the access dates if teachers and/or students need to keep access beyond the term end date.

3. Multiple Grading Period Settings

Do teachers need extended access to the Gradebook? Adjust the close date for each grading period accordingly.

4. Summer Sandboxes

Create sandbox course shells for teacher course-building, or allow teachers to create their own shells!

5. Migrate Course Content

6. Teacher inventory, Training & Set-Up

  • Collect feedback from teachers on how things went this year
  • Calendar summer / early fall Canvas PD
  • Set-up newly hired teachers with a canvas account for summer work (merge with provisioned accounts later)

7. Communication

Spread the word about close dates, summer sandbox instructions, course content migration for next year, Canvas Commons, and any summer professional development.

You may also want to share this Beginning and End of Course Checklist with your teachers.

8. Canvas renewal

If your contract is up for renewal, please be sure to submit your signed contract by the renewal date.
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