The Brocket's Rockets™

The Rocket Blasting off at the Speed of Light™

The Fastest Train yet at 29 mph and still gaining!

•Was created to carry itself and some cargo

•Won Richard Trevithich's competition for train to run from Manchester to Liverpool

What you can do with your Rocket

•You can travel on railroads and create a profit

•Transporting coal out of mines to save money from the extra job

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The Rocket - Replica of Stephenson's 1829 Steam Locomotive

The Rocket invented

Tuesday, Feb. 10th 1829 at 12am

London, United Kingdom

London, England

How do It run?

The blast pipe also increased the draught to the fire by concentrating exhaust steam at the base of the chimney. This meant that the boiler generated more power than any other locomotive in history.

The Inventor - George Stepenson

Hello! I am George Stephenson the co-inventor of the improved steam locomotive or The Rocket. I was originally a fireman in a coal mine with my father. I invented the Butcher which is used to carry coal out of mines.After winning the competition I got tons of money and I went from rags to riches. I tour the country giving explanations of the railroad.