Renaissance Theatre

presentation by: Nicole M. Sechelski

Major Events

Due to the wide spread bubonic pleage, in 1593-1594 the Globe Theatre was forced to be close down. similar to the Globe Theatre the Cockpit theatre was demolished by angry rioters in 1617.
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Political Beliefs of 1300-1600

During the renaissance the middle ages were highly rilient on God and the catholic church, witch held a lot of power and did enforce it. In an effert to catch peoples attention they weren't denyng god but qustioning peoples relationships with God.

The Religious Beliefs of The Renaissance

Even tho the Catholic Church had previously held a major role the churches power was starting to decline. Sence the Catholic Church was deeply rooted in their beliefs people were starting to pull away from the religion.

Life Style in The Renaissance

The common life in the renaissance was a dangerouse one due to the diversity of religions and the fueds that it brought. One of the main killers in this time was the pelage that was wide spread around England.
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How was theatre viewed in the renaissance?

theatre was impacted in many different ways during this era. it was being see as a new way for people to be funny and bring suspence to entertain all diversities of people including Queen Elizabeth who was extreamly found of the plays of Shakespeare.

major Playwrights

  • Christopher Marlowe (1564-1594) Tamburlaine the Great
  • William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Romeo & Juliet, and Julius Caesar
  • Ben Johnson (1573-1637)
  • George Chapman (1559-1634)
  • John Murston (d. 1634)