Team Orange


May Update

It's spring! This month flew by with lots of fun projects, activities, and sunny days. On Monday we leave for Camp Chingachgook!

Camp Chingachgook

Camp is Monday! Please drop off your child's bags by 8am. Your child needs to be here by 8 as well in order to get them on the bus and off to camp. Remember to label all items. It will be an exciting and fun filled trip!

ELA and Social Studies

Students handed in their outlines today. Their presentations are due June 9th. They cannot present without handing in their outline. They have been working daily on their presentations for the past two weeks in class. They need to have visual aids and persuade the class to feel the way they do about their topic. This project counts as a test grade in both ELA and Social Studies.


The student's literature circle books should be completed by June 9th. They have 2 sheets that are also due that day. All assignments were emailed to them this week. On June 10th there will be a final exam on their book. We will end this year with a group project based on their book!


The last month of school will provide students to explore their creative side. In math they will be creating a house of their dreams. Students will become architects, engineers, and realtors throughout this project. They will get the opportunity to create blue prints, draw their house, and create a brochure to sell their house. After the house project, students will get a chance to see how far a million dollars will go. How many things can they buy? More project expectations to follow.


Students will explore the different types of bridges and use that information to build a bridge. Starting the week after camp, they will be working on building popsicle stick bridges. Each group of students will get 100 popsicle sticks in which they must construct a bridge that will hold as much weight as possible! This is always a very fun and exciting project in class! How much weight will each bridge hold?