Information About El Salvador

Written by: Loic Markus

Background Information

  • The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador.
  • El Salvador has other major cities/high populated cities with awesome open markets which are Soyapango, Santa Ana, San Miguel, and Mejicanos.
  • El Salvador used to be controlled by Spain.
  • In 1821, El Salvador gained its independence and is still its own country.
  • The official language of El Salvador is Spanish.
  • The Mayans an ancient civilization used to live where El Salvador is located.
  • It was the Spanish who founded El Salvador.
  • The flag of El Salvador is on the right.
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Flag of El Salvador

  • Has blue and white stripes going in a horizontal direction.
  • Pyramid like figure in the middle of the flag.
  • Surrounded by the words Republica De El Salvador En La America Central
  • All the colors in total are blue, white, yellow, green, red.
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Geographical Information

  • The general location of El Salvador is Central America.
  • It borders the North Pacific Ocean and is between the countries of Guatemala and Honduras.
  • Physical features of El Salvador include mountains, narrow coastal belt, central plateaus, and volcanoes.
  • Natural resources located in El Salvador are hydrogen power, geothermal power, petroleum, arable land.

Political Information

  • El Salvador has a government which is called a presidential representative democratic republic.
  • The current president of El Salvador is Sanchez Ceren.
  • Petroleum is a good resource for making money and trade deals.
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Economic Information

The current currency of El Salvador is the U.S dollar bill. The economic system of El Salvador is Capitalism.

Tourist Information

  • El Salvador is a country which gained independence from Spain in a 12 year civil war.
  • El Salvador has beautiful landscape and is one of the smallest countries in Central America so tourists can cover lots of the country in a short amount of time.
  • Tourists could go see volcanoes, lakes, beautiful nature, beautiful green forests, waterfalls, churches, culture, and beaches.
  • Tourists could go surfing, explore markets, learn history of the ancient civilizations and see the ruins, zip lining, and fishing.
  • However, as a warning, there is a lot of poverty in some areas of El Salvador and you risk getting stuff stolen.