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Our Theme: La Vie dans la Maison, Life at Home



Early Childhood is the best time to learn a second language!

The earlier a child is exposed to a second language the better the chance that he/she will retain it for a lifetime. Our brains are best receptive to acquire language in the early childhood years ages 0-8. Even before learning to read the foundation for language is established.

Young children thrive on emotion & interaction. Music Lingua uses a natural approach to second language acquisition, similar to the way we learn our own native tongue. Through meaningful opportunities to hear, understand & finally speak. Voila!

Music Lingua integrates music & French vocabulary for easy retention & incorporates thematic activities that keep young children engaged.

Our fun & relaxed environment makes learning French a joyful experience!

Benefits of learning a second language

There is a strong link between language, music and other developmental skills, such as math and logical thinking. Children who are exposed to music and/or foreign language instruction show measurable improvements in other cognitive skills. This is a significant benefit for bi-lingual children not only in aiding their over-all school experience but also potentially providing them with more options when considering a career path.

Learning a second language promotes global/cultural awareness & appreciation!

When children are exposed to & encouraged to learn a second language, it teaches them about other cultures around the world & inspires an interest in understanding more about our global community.

Parent-Child Classes & Drop-off Classes

Music Lingua Classes are offered in 10-week sessions. Classes meet once per week for 45 minutes.

Each child receives a French music CD & corresponding bi-lingual thematic activity book, read-along storybook & CD & toy to take home. These materials help to reinforce the songs & vocabulary while in between classes. They are also a great way to share French with family & friends!

Parent participation is required for children 3 & under. Children 4 & up may be dropped off but parents are always welcome to stay & join us!

The cost is $215 per 10-week session including registration & materials. There is a 10% sibling discount.

San Francisco Classes are led by Sarah Roof, Ed. MA, a licensed Music Lingua Instructor & Early Childhood Educator

Sarah has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and a California Teaching Credential. She is also a singer & plays guitar. She has studied French both in school & informally over the years for personal growth. She enjoys the French language & culture & has lived in France with her husband & young son. She is a self-proclaimed "Francophile" & loves to share her enthusiasm for the French language with the children & families in her community!

Contact Sarah for more information & to register for upcoming classes in San Francisco

Merci Beaucoup!

Ask about our School Partnerships!

Music Lingua is a perfect fit for a school or early childhood program looking to offer a French language program to their children & families.

If you are a teacher, administrator or parent in San Francisco & are interested in having Music Lingua French classes offered at your school please contact Sarah & she will be happy to give you the details!