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Weekly News for May 11 through May 16

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Message from Superintendent Robbie Owen

Message from the Superintendent – May 8, 2015
Official 2015-2016 BCBE Calendar

This is the newly approved calendar option for the 2015-2016 school year. The first calendar to be approved was determined not a good fit for the business of Baldwin County. This is the option that has been approved since the second vote took place.

School News

Mr. John Kinard Receives BCMSAA Coach of the Year

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Final Exams Are Coming

•Monday, May 18th Social Studies /Elective A hall

•Tuesday, May 19th Language Arts/Elective B hall

•Wednesday, May 20th Science / PE

•Thursday, May 21st Math/ Make-up

•Friday, May 22nd (half day) Make-up

* ACCESS Spanish 1 Final Exam will be determined by ACCESS Spanish Teacher and Facilitator.

Macbook Takeup

MacBook collection will tentatively be held May 14th and May 15th. MacBooks will be collected in Social Studies classes, 8th grade on the 14th and 7th grade on the 15th. 7th grade students will keep their book bags over the summer. 8th grade book bags will be collected the following week in order to give the students the time to get their belonging home. They will discuss this with them during the collection process.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week has been moved from the week of May 4th through May 8th to the week of May 11th through May 15th. It was moved back one week because Field Day takes place during the original week.

For the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week, students should bring flowers to their homeroom teacher. On Tuesday, students should bring chocolate to the teacher that challenged them the most. On Wednesday the students should thank the teacher that they feel helped them the most. For the fourth day, students should give a hug to their favorite teacher. On the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, students should try to bring a card that shows appreciation to their favorite teacher.

Kenny Jackson- Volunteering for Teen Stress Relief

We asked Kenney Jackson; the yoga instructor for Just Breathe, the new yoga club at Daphne Middle School; a series of questions about being a yoga instructor. Here were his responses.

When and where did you get your certification?

I was certified through the Kula Yoga Community Teacher Training, based in Mobile, Alabama from May 2012 to May 2013. It was a 12 month program which included reading on yogic history, sanskrit language, anatomy, philosophy, and meditation. We also had “hands on” classes where we had to lead yoga for our fellow teacher trainers. After the class everyone would sit in a circle and give you feedback on the good parts and the not-so-good parts of the class. It was nerve wracking and stressful, but one of the most rewarding life experiences I have ever had.

What made you want to start teaching yoga?

I wanted to start teaching yoga because it has lead me to have faith, trust, and love for myself again. Those are lessons I have to relearn everyday. As an act of gratitude, I teach to share these lessons and my experiences to my students. I want to show my students that they can empower themselves by learning to have faith, love and trust in themselves.

How many years have you been teaching yoga?

I have been teaching for close to four years. While I was in yoga training, I starting teaching a community based yoga class as a student teacher. I ended up enjoying it so much I eventually took it over weekly.

What is your favorite thing about teaching yoga?

My favorite part about teaching yoga, if I can ONLY name one, would be the final meditation called Savasana. I would put this at the top because during this time all my students are in a meditative pose usually lying on the back. I always find it amazing to watch the entire class slowly begin to relax and melt. As a teacher, this is one of the best moments to observe. To watch a student relax, open up, and trust me on that level is one of the greatest rewards, personally, as a teacher.

What are your goals for the students?

For all my students, not matter their physical ability, I want them to walk away realizing a little more about themselves. From my experience, individuals do not realize their full physical (and mental) potential. Once they start to challenge themselves, mentally and physically, they begin to see-for themselves their true potential.That awareness is self empowering.

Why did you choose to start teaching yoga at our school?

I like to think that Daphne Middle School choose me. I was approached by several faculty members; Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Price and Mrs. Caldwell; to see if I was interested. Without hesitation, I said yes. I remember being a middle school student, and how hard it was. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped. I weaves back into my mission of teaching others that they can also be self empowered.

Do you think that gender roles will affect your classes?

Sadly, I do think gender roles affect my classes. Many westerners perceive yoga as being “feminine”, when in fact, yoga was created for everyone, no matter your gender role or identity. I think many men, at first, are hesitant to participate because they may not fully understand what yoga encompasses. I believe this mindset has already begun to alter; it will just take time to change.

Thank you Mr. Jackson for the interview! Just Breathe will be continuing next year, and we hope to see the club expand as the year progresses.

Honors Day

On Friday, May 15, Daphne Middle School will host Honors Day.

8th grade Honors Day at 8:30 a.m. in the school gym. Dress expectations for all 8th grade students are "Sunday best" or best school uniform (No strapless dresses). Parents are encouraged to attend. The ceremony will honor all students, and will include awards, such as highest averages in each class. Honors Day will last about two and a half hours. The awards will be followed by light refreshments. Students can then be checked out by their parents.

The 7th grade Honors Day assembly will be held on at 1:00 p.m. Seventh graders are expected to dress nicely in their best school uniform attire. All 7th grade parents are welcome to attend. Students with "the highest averages" and considered by their teacher as "the most improved student" in each class will be recognized. Sports, elective, and club awards will also be given.

We hope to see everyone there!

NJHS Induction

Last week, a select group of 7th and 8th graders received invitations to join the DMS National Junior Honor Society. They were chosen based on their grades and behavior. This organization helps the community by volunteering time at local events or facilities, such as Prodisee Pantry. In oder to stay in NJHS, students must maintain good grades in each class. Students must also maintain good behavior. There will be an Induction on the night of May 14 at 6 p.m. in the school gymnasium. Congratulations to all upcoming NJHS members!

Special Olympics

Last week, a group of students attended this year’s Special Olympics in Fairhope. Special Olympics are for special need students from elementary school to high school. It really is a day for special education students to have the time of their lives; a place where they can just have fun. Special Olympics consisted of a series of events including tennis ball throw, softball throw, and a series of dashes.

Students that attended Special Olympics:

Lexi Adams, Catelyn Alexander, McKenzie Beard, Bayleigh Blackard, Camron Coleman, John Collier, Rosemary Clark, Ailee Crump, Isaiah Featherston, Maliyah Henderson, Luke Hubbell, Naomi James, Trinity Johnson, Elesha Latham, Tinley Liffick, Jeremy Marsh, Patrick Mulder, Tia Pickett, Isabella Reid, Sarah Santa Cruz, Makeelie Verhoestra, Bradlie Walters, Rachel Weaver, Julian White, Kieron Watson, Brandon Werner, and Dakota Wyman.

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Springhill Medical Center 2015 Eastern Shore Color by Kids Art Competition

Congratulations to the two Daphne Middle School students that placed at the Color by Kids Art Competition sponsored by Springhill Medical Center. Second place was awarded to Stephanie Blaine and third place to Caleb Harlan.

At Springhill Medical Center, springtime peaks with the Color by Kids Art Competition. Winners recieve a certificate, gift card, and a check for their school to add funding to the art programs. First place winners also get plaques to display at their school. The Color by Kids Art Competition works for several purposes. It promotes children's art in the Mobile and Baldwin counties. This encourages young artists, and helps the hospital's goal to be the best community-centered health care supplier in the county.

Classroom News

8th Grade

Boone Algebra 1: Taking End of course exam.

Boone Pre. Algebra: Semester exam study guide.

Law: Finishing The Pearl and reviewing for semester exam.

Surrey: Continuing to study ancient American Civilizations.

White: Getting study guide and reviewing for final exams.

Lairsey: Continuing Holocaust unit.

Madison: 3rd week of independent novel questions.

Garafola Algebra 1: EOC test and Final Exam.

Garafola Pre Algebra: Chapter 7-8-9, Exam review.

7th Grade

Lindsey-Tuesday Animals test /Wednesday dissect frogs.

Nettles-Tuesday getting study guide for final exam

Kinard- test Thursday over Chapter 7

Taylor- covering The Outsiders

Pendley- presenting Independent Learning Projects

DHS Band Percussion Tryouts

On May 1st, 7th and 8th graders went to Daphne High School to try out for high school percussion. Carter Buchanan and Chapel Hurst made mallets/aux. Jesse Bartle made auxiliary percussion. Lauren Meyer made first chair mallets; Baynard Baggs made first chair bass drum. Jack Ward made second chair bass drum. Congratulations to these students who were honored in making a position on the 2015-2016 DHS Percussion Team.

Digital Journalism Now Taking applications

Digital Journalism Student Newspaper

Application Requirements

Deadline for all application requirements is Friday, May 15, 2015.

What is Digital Journalism?

Digital Journalism is a student lead elective class offered to eighth grade students at Daphne Middle School. The staff is responsible for creating and publishing the digital student newspaper, updating the school website, and publishing articles to the media. Students selected to be on the Digital Journalism staff should excel in expository writing, have a strong work ethic, be self-motivated, be knowledgeable in technology, and show creativity.

Requirements (due 5/15/2015):

Mrs. Madison's Independent Novel

During the last few weeks of school, Mrs.Madison’s Literature students are working on their Independent novel. They were able to choose between three books: Tear of a Tiger; Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry; and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Each week, they have to complete two forum questions and answers. The students also have to answer a discussion question that Mrs.Madison asked on Moodle. The students have to complete the book before the end of the year, so there is a deadline to inform where they should be in the book each week. Mrs.Madison was going to use the book report as the end of the year exam, but since time is cutting close she decided to make a test. The test will be including grammar topics, questions on past lessons, and an open-ended paragraph on the book they read.

Mrs Pendley's Project

This year, Mrs. Pendley’s 8th grade classes were assigned a project for their final exam grade. Their project was to create a lesson, on something they cared or were passionate about, and make a lesson to teach to their class. Along with their lesson, they had to make up an assessment and quiz to give to their classmates. The students were graded on how much work and effort was put in their presentation, how long their lesson was, how many hours they worked on the project, creativity, and other criteria. Students had a little over a month to create their project, and a month of work was to be shown. The Humanities students have worked very hard and have created many interesting and fun projects.