TIP - Teams Improving Practice

For Principals and Teachers

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Teams Improving Practice (TIP) is for principals and a TLC from their schools. It is a sustainable, job-embedded professional learning project designed to transform instruction around the science of learning. The TLC first demonstrates success with a Principal of Practice (POP) and then shares with other teachers. The digital support is available to all teachers in a school and supports the TLC and principal's efforts.
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Attendance Fees

$7,950 per school - fee breakdown as follows:

$1,950 for principal (includes 3-day principals academy)

$6,000 for up to 4 teachers (includes 4-day teachers academy)

Additional teachers may be added for $600 each. There is a limit of 7 teachers per school.


CLAS Office

926 Pelham Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
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