The Cop with the car obsession

By: Corvin Nathan

About his car scandal

9 year cop vet Jose Urena was fascinated with luxury cars but he couldn't afford them. Soon he started buying and leasing them to start borrowing money. He would convince his insurer that his car needed repairs but when he cashed his check he never fixed it up.

His False Reports

He leased out a Mercedes Benz ML350 and went over $2,000 over the mileage limit and a day before the lease expired he claimed it was stolen. Then hours later when police recovered it he swore it was stolen. Months later he leased another Mercedes Benz S550 but fell behind on the payments and rear ended a U-Haul. He next got a Dodge Charger and was involved in a real crash and received a $7,500 check but used most of it to add luxury features. Soon the police caught up and he soon resigned and will spend up to 6 years in jail
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