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The year is coming to an end, and its time for new leaders to guide the BIG program.

We are looking for a Dircetor of Marketing and Recruiting. This is an amazing leadership opportunity for someone interested in marketing and consultancy.

So if you like marketing, are good at it and are driven, this will be a perfect opportunity.

Preference wil be given to those that have participated in a BIG project or taken the MKTG/MGMT 445 class, but everyone is encouraged to apply.

Role Description:

The Director of Marketing is in charge of all marketing efforts for the club. Duties include maintaining weekly emails, keeping the Facebook page updated with club information and event details, and designing, printing, and posting flyers around Foster for all club events.

The role also plays a big part in Consulting Project recruitment; this student is

is the primary recruited and should advertise the projects to all UW students via multiple mediums.