LIS Update 10/12/2018

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Destiny Holds

I have learned that we can turn ON/OFF a patron's ability to put a hold on a resource that is currently sitting on the shelf in their library. Currently this setting is ON - meaning student patrons can put items on hold when they are on the shelves in their home library.

The Library Leadership Team has discussed the pros and cons and overwhelmingly they believe that this setting needs to be OFF for student patrons. The LLT believes that the students need to learn that they can walk to the shelves and get the books and that it is complicating the hold process by students putting available books on hold.

During this weekend I will change this setting to OFF. This will mean that student patrons will no longer have the ability to put items on hold when they are on the shelves in their home library.

InterLibrary Loan Directions

Destiny Partial Inventory

Back in the spring, the folks at Follett advised that we do an inventory as we were implementing Destiny. This seemed like a little much as we were facing many issues transitioning over from L4U. It was decided that we would undertake a partial inventory during the November to January time-frame as during this time most libraries experienced a slower volume or at least a day or two down time.

Therefore, I am asking that all libraries undertake at least a fiction inventory sometime during the November to January time-frame. I am going to be doing an inventory of my own prior to the November meeting so I will have specifics about the process when we meet in November.

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Parent Liaisons and Destiny

Most, if not all, of the Parent Liaisons are not coded in ESP as campus based employees. This means that they will not show up in your campus Destiny staff list. But... they will appear if you search the entire district for their patron name.


It is important for you, as a librarian, to be aware of your campus CAP Plan and Goals. Also, if you are an IR campus, it is important for you to be aware of your campus TAIS Goals. Knowing the goals will help you speak the language of your ILT & Specialists when it comes to campus improvement and initiatives.

Capstone Matching Grants

Capstone is once again offering dollar-for-dollar matching grants for Capstone Interactive eBook orders. The minimum to apply is a purchase of $750 and the maximum is a purchase of $5000. This is a great way to add to your eBook collection. Click here for more information and to apply.
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December Meeting - eColors

Part of our December meeting will include a eColors training. eColors is different and more in-depth than True Colors. This eColors training will include your Technology Specialist and your Campus Technology Support Professional. To accommodate all the people, the December meeting is being broken into two days (December 12th and 13th. As soon as we know which campuses are scheduled for which date, we will let you know.

Prior Smores

All prior Smores have been added to the AliefLibraries PearlTrees. The links to previous Smores can also be found in Schoology>Resources>Communication>LIS Updates