Bully Prevention

Ms. Feliciano

Bully Prevention Unit

Next week students will begin a new unit on Bully Prevention. This unit will incorporate literature, creative writing, and a role playing performance. Al activities will reinforce what students have already learned about bullying, while also building upon that knowledge.

Book to Accompany the Unit

Queen of the Toilet Bowl by Frieda Wishinsky is a short novel that utilizes realistic fiction to explore the themes of injustice, prejudice, and bullying.



audience, lines, audition, musical, rehearsals, showstopper, auditorium, on the set, stage, cast, on stage, talent, costume, tryouts, props understudy

The French Revolution:

aristocrats, complexity, injustices, beheaded, con artist, oppressed, branded, flogged, revolution, Cardinal, guillotine


accusations, evidence, perpetrator, alibi, rampage, guilty, regret, confess, suspended, consequences, offense