The Core Sound

By: Reid Moseley

Location and Importantce

The Core Sound is a large and shallow body of water in eastern North Carolina located between the mainland of Carteret County and Core Banks, part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Estuaries like this one are essential to life because they provide things like nesting and feeding grounds for aquatic plants and animals that are vital to the ecosystem. These areas are economically indispensable because they also provide vast amounts of fish for our needs as well.

Vegetation and Wildlife

Some of the Plants and animals found in the Core Sound are the spotted sea-trout, the brown pelican, dolphins, fig trees and Russian olives. This area is so diverse with many different types of wildlife in the ecosystem. This allows for amazing scenery and beauty. The Core sound is fed by the Neuse, Pamlico, and Tar rivers. Threats to the Core sound are toxic materials such as carcinogens are dumped into water sources that feed the sound. also habitat loss is a major effect because that provides the animals with food, water, and shelter to the animals of the area, and with these destroyed, it offsets the balance of nature and the ecosystem.