12 day count down

Day One - 12 DAYS OF JEANS

December 3 - Tuesday
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Day 2 - It's the "stressful" time of the year...

December 4 - Wednesday

When the weather outside is frightful,

And the kids are awfully bounceful...

Squeeze away and have a stress free day!

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Day Three - Holiday head wear day!

December 5 - Thursday - Wear your favorite hat/headgear for the holidays. Make something, buy something, make it big or make it small. Then, take a selfie, tweet it with the #oreholidayheadwear. Everyone who tweets a picture by 3:30 on Thursday will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.
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Day Four - You fill their cup

December 6 - Friday - cart service with a cup, ice cream and soda.
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Day 5 - Sweet Treat Day

December 9 - Monday
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Day 6 - notepad and pen

December 10 - Tuesday
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Day 7 - PTO Luncheon

December 11 - Wednesday

Enjoy a nice luncheon provided by PTO!

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Day 8 - Christmas/Holiday shirt contest

December 12 - Thursday

Design, buy, or find your ugliest holiday shirt/sweater. Take a selfie so that your shirt is visible. Tweet it with #oreuglysweatercontest. Everyone who tweets by 3:30 will be entered into a drawing for a gift card!

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Day 9 - Sonic Drinks

December 13 - Friday

Place your order on a google doc that will be coming soon! Then sit back, teach and be ready to receive your favorite Sonic drink via cart service!

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Day 10 - "Nacho" average Monday

December 16 - Monday

Enjoy a nacho bar for lunch!

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Day 11 - Name badge holder

December 17 - Tuesday
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Day 12 - Hot Chocolate Bar

December 18 - Wear your pjs to school and enjoy hot chocolate and a movie!
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