Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

Mildred D. Taylor

Some characters in this story are:

Cassie, T. J, Stacey, Mama, Big Ma, Papa, Uncle Hammer

The settings that take place in this book are:

A town in Mississippi during the 1950's.

The rising action in this story is:

When T. J started hanging out with the Wallaces and they started buying him things.

The climax in this story is:

When T. J and the Wallaces break into a warehouse try to steal a pearl incrusted gun and then the Wallaces end up killing the owner.

The falling action in the story is:

T. J comes back home all beat up after breaking into the warehouse.

The problem in this story is that:

That black people don't get treated equally, and are always getting lied about. Also that Harlem Granger is trying to get hold of there land.