Colonist Support

The Path To Victory

The purpose of this flyer

We've decided to make this flyer in celebration of our victory and to show what we have done to get here. We thank all of the people who fought against the British with both guns and protests, and we hope you are proud of the work you have done!

The start of the rebelion

It started with the Proclamation and the Stamp Act. At that point people were already getting upset with Britain, We thought it was unreasonable. We never got to make them remove the Proclamation, but we eventually got the stamp act repealed. But this came at the cost of the Declaratory Act, which said they had power over us to make laws for us. We clearly didn't want this, and it became more and more intense, and they attempted to place more acts on us and we wanted none of it.

The Struggle Continues

And soon with the power of our will to be free, we won our country