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Midgette and Associates, Partners in Law

We're the strongest choice for either side of a case

Whether you're the Plaintiff or the Defendant, we have your back.

Midgette and Associates are here for you no matter what your Summons to court. We can help in Complaints, Pleadings, and happy to assist you in Pretrial Conferences.

Mediation and Arbitration

Avoid the bulk of the case altogether as we help you achieve mediation! Midgette and Associates are the most successful firm in all of Durham at achieving mediation in our client's favor.
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Preponderance of Evidence

We use evidence to its fullest potential to defend your innocence.


Wish to appeal to a verdict? Midgette and Associates are your first choice for winning your appeal, and reversing a verdict.


Midgette and Associates fight hard to win the Verdict for all our clients. We have a 99.8% success rate, and boast the most successful law record in all of the Triad Region. We will be the pillars of professionalism at your Trial, fighting, and winning, for you.

We are Midgette and Associates, Partners in Law