Studying in Germany

with Cairn University

Last Summer of Graduate School Classes

I need to apologize for not being good at communicating my transition back to America. It was really crazy and I was just trying to make it out in a semi-whole piece. The past two summers my grad school program (studying for a MA in International Education) cancelled its campus courses in Hong Kong. My scholarship only applies when I am overseas so in order to finish I had to go to Germany this summer. I know, it's not THAT horrible but I am so tired it was quite overwhelming for me. I prayed my way through the anxiety of taking flights (somehow this has become a bigger deal for me in recent years) and ended up having a great week with my best friend on the field, Michaela, in Scotland before starting class. She left for Cambodia last week so my only option of seeing her was on the front end of classes. I took an online class for May/June which ended up being a lot of work and right over the period of time where I got sick. I'm not even sure what happened in June because when I got home I slept almost 12 hours every day and in my waking moments tried to catch up on class work. Then I left for classes in Germany- supposed to have done all of this pre-course work but having done very little.

God was gracious. This year the work load for courses was a bit lighter and professors were flexible with due dates. It was still around 8 hours of class every day and work in the evening. God helped me get through the anxiety of living by myself in Germany (which in Germany is safe but in Cambodia is's hard for me to make the mental shift). My classmates were brothers and sisters working in Nigeria, Tanzania, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guniea, the Czech Republic, and the States. I learned a ton from them both academically and spiritually. Our professors made a point of spending time with us outside of class and spoke encouragement and truth into a group of battle-weary missionaries.

Now that classes are over I have about a month to finish assignments and projects. Then my LAST CLASS (!!!) will begin for the fall semester. I will be writing my thesis paper and hopefully will do well enough to graduate in January. Thank you so much for praying and giving money to enable me to study more and work on the craft God has called me to in Asia all these years. Teaching is definitely a practice and training is crucial to the ministry.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for financial provision for this semester. I have prayed and decided I will not work this semester. After talking with mentors and my mother and God about it I think I need the extra time to work on a lot of personal issues. I think I could probably handle going to school and working part-time but I would not get healthier very quickly. And I'm not sure but I would like to prepare to leave for the field again in a year's time. Regardless I feel that recovery has to be priority number one.

2. Health. I'll write an update soon with more specific prayer requests concerning health and explaining a bit of why that is such a big deal for me right now, but please pray that God would be working and enabling me to come to Him for healing.

3. Cambodian elections. I will probably write about this soon as well but please pray for peace and safety in Cambodia. The elections just took place and there were some outbreaks of violence. My friends are telling me that the situation is tense and uncertain. It is already not the safest place to be so please pray that God would cover the missionary community, a short-term team my church in Korea (Onnuri) just sent yesterday, and for my Khmer friends who are struggling with injustice and God's sovereignty.

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