Free Parent Practicum

Albany, OR

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3 Day Parent Practicum

Monday, July 14th, 8:30am to Wednesday, July 16th, 4pm

1910 Grand Prairie Rd SE

Albany, OR

Free 3-Day Conference for Parents on Classical, Christian Homeschooling

What is Classical Christian Education?

What are the benefits of Classical Christian Education?

How can I give my children a classical Christian education at home?

Join veteran homeschooling parents for three days of encouragement and inspiration as we seek to understand the classical model of education and learn how to apply it in Christian homeschooling. This year we will be digging deeper into understanding the art of rhetoric.

“Rhetoric is persuasion aimed at the truth. In the words of Plato, rhetoric is, ‘the art of soul-leading by means of words.’” Scott F. Crider, The Office of Assertion

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