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Resources Volume 4 - Breakout Boxes

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Introducing Breakout Boxes from Breakout EDU

Are you ready for something exciting and engaging?

The media center has purchased 8 Breakout boxes for teachers to use to create engaging lessons that will inspire students to be active participants in their own learning! Keep reading to learn the What, Why, and How!
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Breakout Box Games in Action

Breakout Boxes are for learners of all ages! Would you like to offer a team building activity for your SLC? This is perfect! Would you like to create an engaging, inquiry based lesson for your 9th grade biology class? Look no further! Interested in facilitating a lesson about the Cold War that involves critical thinking, communication, and problem solving? How about an algebra class lesson involving the students in solving word problems to earn keys and clues? This is it! Check out the sample videos to see learners in action.

Video 1 - Explanation of a Chemistry Lesson; The Set Up

Video 2 - The English Class

Video 3 - Teacher Team Building

Video 4 - Spanish Class

Video 5 - History
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We're busy.

You have too much to do. Too many assignments to grade. Too many noses to wipe. Too many "I's" to dot and "T's" to cross. We get it. If we said creating your own Breakout box lesson is not a time commitment, we'd by lying. But Breakout EDU sure does try to make it easier on you. Templates are provided. Games have already been created. Signs, codes, questions....all of it! Teacher created lessons and templates for lesson creating are all available to you via the Breakout EDU website.

Additionally, the media center staff are ready and willing to team up with you to develop lessons, get things organized, and help set up your kits in the media center. So, even when time is so limited, you have lots of support! Let's explore and create together!


Interested in creating a game using your own content? Click here for the template page.

Short on time right now? Check out the game library. All materials are available for you to print/save.

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Yep, the resources and games are password what?

Don't worry. We've got you covered. With the purchase, we received the password. See/email Deana Beecher and the password is yours. Sorry, it can't be posted online.
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