Genre Types

By: Harish Sridharan


Fantasy is a genre when a story has mythical or fake things such as dragons,fairies, and magical kingdoms. Fantasy is not real.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre that has to do with things like asteroids about to destroy the world and other things like that. Books that have to do with volcanoes erupting, the world ending, and other things.

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Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a genre that is true and not true. What that means is that ther is no fake things. It tells about storyies either about boy or a girl. It has nothing real in it too.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a genre that has history in the exact time and date of the thing that happened then and it will also include something unreal. For example people going into the past and participating in that particular event. Authors must also do tons of research on that period of time.

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Romance (love stories)

Romance is a genre that usually has two main people that have a relationship with each other. They are love stories. They will usually have a sad ending or a happy ending.

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Thriller is a genre that is scary and has a lot of horror. Sometimes people will love the blood and everything else. Some other people will get to scared becausse of the blood.

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Mystery is a genre that has a crime to solve. Their are either murderers to solve or just normal cases to solve. Their have also been many mysteries in life. People have tried to solve mysteries to. Some of them are somved and some of them are not.

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Humor is the genre that includes happiness and funniness. Usually they are crazy things like people having funny lifes. Humor is a non-stop laugh book.

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Adventure is the genre that is a non-stop action packed book. it will have spies, secret agents, and other cool things. They use cool gadgets too. There is action almost in every adventure book. People will perform crazy stunts in adventure.


Autobiography is a genre when somebody writes about himself. It usually tells what that person's life is all about.

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Biography is a genre that a writer tells you about another person's life. They write things such as when they were born, what accomplishments they made, and when they died. It also tells about their early life and other important information about that specific person.

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Memoir is a genre of a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources. It is also an account of one's personal life and experiences; autobiography.
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