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Cracked Chromebook Screens

How to Repair a Cracked Chromebook Screen in 3 Minutes

This helpful video and explaining text shows that Toshiba Chromebook parts are very cheap, so fixing your device is relatively easy. It states that you should take off the bezel (front cover). Unscrew the 4 main screws. Unplug the input cable, and replace the screen. It is extremely helpful because of its corresponding text to the video.

Replace Chromebook 303C Broken Screen with Screen Surgeons

This comical web page simply explains how to replace a Chromebook screen all by yourself. However, I wouldn't say it is the most detailed FAQ of all time either. Yet again, it tells you how to get the job done.

Acer Chromebook C710 Screen Replacement

As the other Ifixit page, it has understandable pictures to show each step of replacement. It also has average time and difficulty to replace. There is also smaller more detailed word descriptions on the side.

Is it Possible to Replace the Screen?

This troubleshoot is similar to a Yahoo Answers or ask.com style. It has an option to post questions and have other ordinary people respond. Also, the reader can depict whether this is a good question and good answers which is helpful.

Samsung Chromebook Screen Repair

The author states that they can fix your broken Chromebook, but they also just tell you how if you can buy the parts. It is on mission repair blog website that is very aesthetically pleasing and commercially active.

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Broken Laptop Hinges

Repair Broken Hinges of a Laptop Screen

This quality blog shows documentative pictures throughout the scenario of finding out you have a broken hinge. It tells the reader to take off the screen, take out broken bushings, drill and replace bushings and reassemble through 3 simple steps.

How to Repair a Broken Hinge on a Laptop

This website is based off a product that turns glue into rubber. Thus, it can be very helpful when repairing hardware. Because of this, they say all you need is two bottles of Sugru and a screwdriver to hold the bearings in place. I don't think this is the most helpful and effective way to fix the LCD assembly.

Satellite Lid Hinge Broken

This FAQ was posted by a company that ships out computer parts for fixing. It states that it well sell parts for broken hinges. Also, people in the comments have stated what they've done to fix their laptops.

Laptop "Hinge" is Broken and Needs Replacement

This is a classic HP product forum. It has people respond to others questions. The initial questioner asks what to do as her HP is falling apart. The responder says she should check the warranty and get it repaired at a computer fixing place. Not very reliable and descriptive.

Can Laptop Hinges be Fixed/Replaced?

The answer to this question, according to the authors, is simply yes. However, it is difficult because the entire LCD display (screen and top of laptop) also has to be replaced. The website offers to do it from around $20-$30 and also gives general price ranges. Finally, it gives helpful hints on how to keep your laptop together and prevent future damage. Really helpful and descriptive!

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Black Blank Chromebook Screens

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 3G Troubleshooting

This simple interactive FAQ has many different answers to this common question. It has headers of different possible problems and explains how to solve all those problems. It is very simple to view and there are also comments.

My Chromebook Suddenly Went Black and I Can't Get it to Show

This is a very helpful and general conversation between a computer expert and a regular person with screen problems. First, the expert recommends you hold the power for 7 seconds and restart your system. If that doesn't work, you should take out the battery and the charging cable and leave it for 1 minute and then put it back in. This worked well for the customer, and I'm sure if it didn't, the expert would be able to diagnose all sorts of other problems. Thumbs up = 10/10!

C720 Screen Stays Black, Blue Light, but No Fan

This is a community Acer blog with many helpful suggestions. They've tried restarting and charging, but nothing works. An Acer helps person says that the hardware issue may actually be the power button wich would also require a Chrome OS reset. Once again, this may be a misdiagnosis, so I would say it is slightly helpful, but not the most.

HP Chromebooks -- Chromebook Does Not Start (Chrome OS)

As always, HP help pages are very helpful as this FAQ has 4 different options of what is wrong including "Chromebook doesn't start", "LEDs blink but computer doesn't start", "Chromebook starts but is unresponsive" and "other". But first, it says to remove all external devices from your computer and restart. Depending on which you choose which in this case would be the 3rd option, it says perform a hard reboot (which is great advice).

My Chromebook Won't Wake Up from Sleep

A random citizen stated that their Chromebook wouldn't wake up from sleep (a.k.a it's black). The Google forum respondents said it could be the battery, so she should unplug and replug in the battery. Others said maybe your charging cable isn't working. Others said just restart the computer and it should be fixed. Personally, as a Knight Crew Member, after all these very common and helpful suggestions, it is likely that the input cable is no longer plugged in which I think is the problem because the other suggestions didn't work. Overall, this was a very helpful troubleshooting page.

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Excessively Slow Downloads

Downloads are Taking Forever

This web page has the 10 most common software problems including slow downloads. It explains how to diagnose slow downloads with an internet speed test. Also, it has other ideas if others don't work, leading to the nuclear option of restarting your network.

Update Your Chromebook Operating System

If your downloads are slow, this Google Product Forums says that your Chromebook is likely updating in the background or another download is happening "invisibly". For instance, the only thing you can do is force download the updates or wait for it to finish. It is a pretty worthy explanation.

Diagnosing Slow Uploads and Downloads

This slightly flowchart related website says first make sure how big your bandwidth is, for it may just be low quality internet. You can also try Speed Test to see how fast it is going. Because of standards on all computers, traceroutes map the data and how it is being sent to your destination network. You will need to test the traceroute for different servers. Finally, pinging or latency networks can determine how slow things are going to your IP address. The author definitely did their research.

Fast Internet But Download Speed is Slow

The blogger states that their internet on their laptop is slow, but on their desktop computer, the internet and downloads are extremely slow. Because it is a blog with random users, the results weren't the most reliable: they said that is was probably the motherboard or a damaged internet cable, but they said it worked fine on the laptop, so the cable doesn't make sense.

How to Speed up Downloads (Up to 6 Times Faster)

According to this helpful FAQ, you can use applications like Internet Download Manager to speed up downloads, but this doesn't always work... and isn't always free. Citrio is a browser that has very fast downloads because of low usage. Basically the only answer is to switch browsers, which doesn't always work. A.k.a., this website isn't reliable.

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Repeated Pop-Up Icons

Pop-Up Ads are Appearing on my Desktop

Once again, this website has the 10 most common software issues including pop-up icons. It shows how to get rid of adware using malware protection or other antivirus software will likely remove this issue.

Stop Unwanted Ads, Pop-Ups or Browser Malware

This quality Google Product Forum says you likely have unwanted malware installed on your computer. Some clues that this is the problem is that unknown extensions show up, or you startup page appears different. To end this, download and run the Chrome Clean-Up Tool or antivirus software. Also, reset your browser settings. This is believable and quality Google.

Block or Allow Pop-Ups in Chrome

Another Google Product Forum, this one deals more with popups rather than just popup advertisements. If none of the following works, the website says you likely have malware. Open Chrome and go to settings. Select advanced settings, and under privacy, click content settings. Finally, unselect ads on chrome. Also checks out as good information, straight from Google.

Pop-Ups and Little Ads Keep Appearing on the Screen

This Mozilla Firefox blog has a person who has popup blocker, but is still dealing with pop-up advertisements, and her antivirus scans haven't done anything. The responder says an extension is likely causing the ads, but she could also install AdBlock to prevent ads. I personally have struggled with this and would say this is a quality response and answer.

How to Get Rid of Pop-Up Ads on Windows 8

According to this troubleshooting website, it is likely caused by adware or malware (just like every other website says). When using a browser, getting rid of ads is simple as going to settings and selecting pop-up blocker. If you open the charms bar and search uninstall, remove programs you don't remember adding. I don't think this is reliable because you could delete necessary files, and I've never heard of doing it this way. Otherwise, the browser popups are good.

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No Log-On Servers Available

Windows Login -- No Logon Servers Available

This is a really advanced FAQ straight from Dell Computers. It has dozens of possibilities of why your log-on servers aren't available, along with many ways to solve the problem.

How to fix Error Message Logon Servers Request

Simply, a person wants to know how to prevent their logon servers from popping up. The helpful respondents say there is likely a request to access a domain that isn't there.

There are Currently No Logon Servers Available on Windows 7

The person on this Q&A says that they always get by after the 2nd or 3rd try after restarting the computer. They want to know how to stop it the first time. The best answer is to re-login to the domain on your computer. I'd say this is pretty reliable.

There are Currently Logon Servers Available to Service the Logon Request

This FAQ bears the question, what is up with my "Logon Servers"? Typically this is caused by the common answer, the domain is unfound. However, the troubleshoot also says "clients being unable to query DNS for the relevant SRV records" -- or whatever that means. Because of this mumbo jumbo, I wouldn't say it is helpful, and also, it doesn't say how to solve this annoying issue.

Solved Win7 -- No Logon Servers

This is a common problem according to most, so why does it keep happening? This can happen because possibly at work you log into a wireless domain, that you can't access from home. I haven't heard this before, but just by ear, it makes sense.