By Andrew Heiner


A concussion is caused by a hard blow to the head, or the brain swinging back and forth quickly and hardly.

What Activity Has The Most Concussions

You hear mostly of people getting concussions in football, but you might be surprised to hear there is an activity that is ahead of football with over 30,000 concussions. That activity is Cycling in a year.

Symptoms Of Having A Concussion

The symptoms are nausea, being more tired than normal, or not being able to sleep, Throwing Up, Dizziness, Depression, More emotional, Anxiety.


My connection with concussions is that i've had two before in my life. I know how much it can effect your thinking, movement, and concentration. Your motor skills are also affected, more than the regular person that hasn't had one thinks.

You Should Rest After A Concussion

You should rest everything after getting a concussions. You should get rest because when you get a concussion you affect your head and brain. If you don't rest you will make your brain work when it's not fully functional and it will have to make everything work harder an cause more problems.

What Happens When You Don't Treat It Right

If you don't treat a concussion right, your brain could be majorly affected. For example, if you get a major concussion, then the next day you hit your head again you have a chance of being mentally challenged for the rest of your life. If you don't treat it well you could have symptoms for the rest of your life, like headaches, and nausea.

A concussion can effect a person’s physical potential, process of thought, and emotions.

Huge Concussion Hits in Football
The video above are hits that are most of the reason that concussions happen in football.

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