Franklin House

Week of October 6, 2014

English Language Arts

Students are using Achieve3000 to work on reading. They will be working on this outside of class as well as in class. Please have them share with you what the process is and how it works.

Our focus skill for this week is plot, setting, and text structure. We will continue to work on spelling and grammar skills including prepositional phrases. Students are also working on a Personal Narrative so asking about it along the way would be great! We hope that all students have a book that they are enjoying at home and need to record minutes.


Math 4: This week we will be working geometry to find the surface area of pyramids and prisms. Then we will move to volume of 3 dimensional figures.

Math 7, 8: This week in math we will be using geometry concepts to find the area and perimeter of polygons.


Students are working on a creative adaptations project to show what they learned.

Social Studies

Students are putting their understanding of the outcomes of the U.S. Civil War into paragraphs.

We will be spending time developing paragraphs with theme or main ideas.

Students will record homework in their planner or electronic organizer each day. Please ask to see it!