Davis Connect Seniors

May 2021 Message

In this Issue:

  • Important Dates for Graduation
  • How Do I Clear for Graduation?
  • Please Complete Tribute Survey
  • Share your Message!
  • Other Graduation Opportunities
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Click button to view important dates

First Important Date: May 14th

Teachers Notify You and Parents if you WON'T PASS

You will hear from your teacher(s) if there is no way for you to pass a class before graduation

  • Can do credit recovery for the class if you fail
  • Can be ANY TERM OPEN ON SCHEDULE (Term A, Term C, etc.)

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2nd Important Date: May 24th

Credits MUST be Earned by 5/24/21 for Graduation

  • This due date is for participation in any graduation
  • This allows teachers time to post grade and counselors to clear you
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There are LOTS of other items to clear as well

  1. Earn all required credits on Graduation Summary
  2. Pass classes
  3. Pay fees
  4. Clear citizenship (U's)
  5. Pass Civics Test
  6. Return school device and hot spot

If you miss the deadline...

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Work through Senior Checkout Sheet

  • We will have you work through the folks on this Checkout Sheet to verify that all items have been taken care of
  • Diploma can not be given until all items are cleared
  • When in doubt, check with your assigned School Counselor
Class of 2021 Checkout Sheet

Click this button to view Checkout Sheet

If Participating in Davis Connect Graduation...


Please help us celebrate you (or your graduate) by filling out the Tribute Survey

Tributes Will Be Shown at Graduation

We will use your words and photos to highlight our CLASS OF 2021 GRADUATES!

  • This can be filled out by the student or family
  • Let us share your photos and stories!

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  • Graduation Speaker flyer link is HERE
  • Deadline extended to Friday May 7th

ANYONE Can Send Us a Video Message

Record a video of yourself on any platform:

  1. Tell us about how you got here
  2. Tell us a funny story about high school
  3. Share your advice
  4. All video messages

Send videos to Mrs Graham at AndGraham@dsdmail.net


Apply for the Seal of Biliteracy

  • If you speak two languages, you may be eligible for special seal on your diploma
  • Have to verify both languages through testing
  • ACT scores can count for English
  • AP testing can count for other languages
  • APPLY NOW to show off your bilingual skills

Seal of Biliteracy Applications due by May 7th

  • Talk to your assigned counselor for the application

Become a Member of the National Honor Society

  • Continue your streak of National Honor Society membership
  • Email Mrs Nielson for more National Honor Society information at KiNielson@dsdmail.net

Wear an Honor Roll Cord at Graduation

  • Cumulative GPA 3.5-3.75 = Honor Roll Cord
  • Cumulative GPA above 3.75 = High Honor Roll Cord

Davis Connect High School will Purchase for our Davis Connect Graduation

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When in Doubt...

Davis Connect Counselors

School Counselors

  1. Last Names A-E: Kirstin Butt, KButt@dsdmail.net
  2. Last Names F-Le: Andrea Graham, AndGraham@dsdmail.net
  3. Last Names Li-Rh: Debby Bonds, DBonds@dsdmail.net
  4. Last Names Ri-Z: Kim Nielson, KiNielson@dsdmail.net