Prohibition Is hurting us!

Is the 18th Amendment really helping?

Helping us?!

Can we really say that prohibition has even stopped the consumption of alcohol? I would say not. I mean look at the bootlegging that is happening. The control on alcohol hasn't really stopped anyone from having alcohol in their possession. Everyone now is just getting their alcohol secretly and illegally. The whole purpose of this amendment was to completely cut the consumption of alcohol and hope to decrease crime, poverty and "improve the quality of life." Now you tell me how well this is working? Okay first of all look at all the crime now of illegally having alcohol ion their possession. The courts are being overwhelmed with cases involving the handling alcohol illegally. Also prisons are becoming overfilled with people due to this. Another thing is that now that you can't sell alcohol legally anymore, many people are out of jobs. This has drastically cut the amount of money being made, thus hurting the american society. Lastly The whole purpose was to make it so that people didn't drink as much and the only thing it has really done has made people drink more. The amendment, once enforced, showed a small downfall in drinking, but then the consumption of alcohol actually increased substantially. So, I ask you, is this amendment helping us or making hurting us? Are you a wet or a dry?

Just how did Gatsby get his money?

Many people believe that Mr. Jay Gatsby gained a lot of his money from scandals that he was involved in. One that everyone likes to come back to is the 1919 rigid world series. He was believed to have known about the whole thing.

He may like to come off as he gained all of his money from his wealthy family out west, however I think he may be hiding some things.There are rumors all over that Mr. Gatsby is a bootlegger, which is where I believe he gets all of his money. I don't believe he gets his money honestly at all. Just him talking about how he got his money, he doesn't seem like he is telling the truth. There are stories floating around now that Mr. Gatsby did not inherit his money but however, worked to become what he is now. People are talking all about how they heard that Mr. Gatsby lies about his family in the west. They are actually dirty poor farmers that Jay is ashamed of. Can you trust Mr. Gatsby?