Mrs. Story's Fifth Grade Newsletter

September 22, 2016

Important Dates:

Fri, Sept 23 First Woodwind class (band)

Fri, Sept 23 Poster about Noah is due

Fri, Sept 23 Quiz on Caddie Woodlawn vocab. list #3

Fri, Sept 23 Service Project sign up due

Mon, Sept 26 2-hour delay and Dress Down Day (Race for Education reward)

Tues, Sept 27 Popcorn Party and Movie Reward (Dress Down Day)

Tues, Sept 27 Catechism test 11-20

Wed, Sept 28 Language Test #1

Thurs, Sept 29 Math Test #3

Fri, Sept 30 Caddie Woodlawn quiz on chapters 7-8

Fri, Sept 30 Race for Education (Dress Down Day) Our time is 1:45-2:45 pm.

Sat, Oct 1 Happy Birthday to Lily Lepage! :)

Mon, Oct 3 Dress Down Day (Race for Education Reward)

Thurs, Oct 6 Caddie Woodlawn vocabulary quiz on list #4

Fri, Oct 7 Fifth grade field trip to Cowan's Gap and Fort Loudon

On the schedule for this week...

Bible--Students will role play the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11. No Bible Memory on Monday due to the delay.

Reading--We will read Caddie Woodlawn chapters 7 and 8. Students will be quizzed on the content of those two chapters on Friday. There will not be a vocabulary quiz this week, but students do have a new list of words to study for a quiz next Thursday. is still a great option for studying.

Language--We will have a test over the first unit on Verbs on Wednesday.

Spelling--We will work with list #5 (words with long U ) Please look into using to assist students in practicing for Friday tests. Search for the list under teacher "5story"

Math--We will have a test on Thursday, review division and get another new equation (GxE=T) on Friday.

Science--We will finish watching the insect presentations and go outside for a real insect hunt.

Social Studies-- From Mrs. Priego: "A Social Studies extra credit assignment will be handed out to students next week. If your child had a "sign and return" Social Studies quiz this week, it is highly recommended that they complete this assignment."

A Note from Mrs. Story

  • Fifth Grade Service Project sign up sheets are due back TOMORROW.

  • The class has earned their first "Whole Class Reward"!! Next Tuesday afternoon we will relax together with a G movie and some popcorn. Students are allowed to dress down and also they may bring a pillow or blanket if they choose.

  • If you have not already done so, please send in a pair of headphones or earbuds for your child to use at school.

  • Thank you for all of the plasticware! We will be set for another few months.

  • Students should wear Shalom apparel during the Race for Education on Friday, September 30th. If your child doesn't own a Shalom shirt contact Mrs. Crilley and one can be sent home.