Ebola Virus

What would happen if Ebola virus was more contagious


I turned on the TV and was watching the news, there were talking about Ebola in west Africa and at the moment I realized how lucky i was not to live in west Africa.

How does Ebola virus spread?

Health officials say that Ebola virus is spreading through funeral practices. Possible ways of spreading Ebola virus is through blood(like sharing needles)or contact with other bodily fluids(blood, saliva,sweat). One other way of spreading Ebola is enough hand shakes a hugs.

How has Ebola virus spread?

Ebola is a communicable disease spreading through west Africa. In the past there have been cases with NO symptoms. Scientist believe that Ebola virus is evolving and could go airborne. One of the big reasons of the Ebola virus could become airborne because of global warming. The reasons of Ebola spreading to other places of the world is because people visit west Africa and get infected without knowing it.

What are some symptoms and treatments for Ebola virus?

There aren't that many treatments but there are many symptoms of Ebola virus? There are many different experimental vaccines that are so close to working. The symptoms that aren't always in the disease are kidney and liver failure, they are the most deadly of all symptoms. If you are lucky enough to live from Ebola you may have to live with server joint problems and vision loss. The symptoms of Ebola are weakness,fever aches, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains others are rash, red eyes and chest pains.


I was watching the news a couple of weeks later, they said that Ebola virus was not as deadly as we thought. only 1 out of 4 people die. the CDC has almost 3 vaccinces that work