iPads in the Classroom!

Courtney MacCallum

My View on iPads

I really think iPads are becoming an essential resource in all schools today. I have shadowed several Special Ed. classrooms and every teacher has utilized an iPad for their students. With children who have special needs, the iPad becomes a great resource for them with communication, schedules, or games that enhance their learning visually. I will definitely be purchasing an iPad once I graduate from college and start my career because I believe they hold so much importance and since my concentration is Special Education I will benefit from them a ton.
Check this website out for more information about iPads in the Special Ed. Classroom!

17 Pros and Cons of Using iPads in the Classroom


The site above is very useful and interesting to see what pros and cons come with using an iPad. A lot of the points that were made I did for the most part agree with and they are definitely things to consider when thinking about buying your own for the class.

7 Ways To Use Your iPad In The Classroom

This website provides great ways to use iPads in the classroom for success! The list will help teachers know what benefits come out of iPads in the classroom.

The 55 Best Free Educational Apps for an iPad!

This website shares so many great apps for teachers to use for students! Plus, they're FREE! Check it out!

The Advantages of iPads for Special Education Students

This websites shares awesome information for not only special educators but as well as general educators and parents! It discusses the following; literacy and communication, visually imparired technology, hearing technology, and motor skills. Check it out!!

iPads in Education!

This website it based on a blog! It has so much information about how to use an iPad in a classroom for teachers. From file management to note taking this blog has it all! Check it out!

Educators Evaluate Learning Benefits of iPad

This is another great article that discusses about the use of iPad's in the classroom. It talks about the frustration that comes with them at first but when a teacher becomes more comfortable with them then they become more useful! This article also allows for people to comment on what they think as well and give their input!

iPad Apps to Meet IEP Goals

This website is a great one for special educator teachers! It proves how iPads can help meet IEP goals. It also has awesome video to go along with it! The video will be shown below!

How the iPad meets IEP Goals

Bloomin' Apps

This was a really interesting website that was called Bloomin' Apps. It provides apps that you can get on an iPad that will match blooms taxonomy. This is a really creative way to go about following this standard that teachers must meet. Check this out!

The iPad Curriculum

This website is a blog about ways the iPad can be used in the curriculum. It has many posts in it that has in depth information about apps, uses, and benefits about using the iPad! Great blog to follow for future reference!

iPads in the Classroom
iPads Used by Students With Special Needs