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North and Soulth

slave interview with williom.

I was waiting to go on the platform. I was next. I saw the slave before me get wiped because he wasn't standing up straight. He fell to the floor. I smelled the cow hide in the wind. Then I got really nervous. Master mad him jump but he didn't so master wiped him again and then he jumped.Then I heard someone call out $1,00 then another one say $5,000. And there it was he had a byre. Now I was tence. Master said " get up here boy ". I walked up onto the platform and stood up straight. Master said " boy lift up that 160 pound weight " I did. Next he made me jump. At first I didn't here a single word. Then I herd $5,000 then $6,000 then $7,000. I turned around and said good bye to my family and friends. Master told me to go. I stood up there for a second then he wiped me. I felt the pain in my back. Finally the pain stopped when it did I took my last look at everything and then I went to my new owner. And there I was williom was gone for ever.

interview with Frederic Douglass

I sat down last week with Frederick Douglas and here's what he had to say.

cayden: what was it like to not know your father?

fredrick: for me it was really bad for me.

c: why did you disguise your self as a sailor?

F: because I worked in the ship yard and I had allot of knowledge about sailors and ships.

c: why did you want to run away?

F: I wanted to abolish slavery.

c: how did you run away without getting caught?

F: I disguised myself as a sailor and brought papers that showed that he was a free slave.

c: when did you wright your first book?

F: I wrought in 1840

c: why did you run with the women's wrights?

F: I thought that women should have the same rights as men.

c: when did you escape?

F: well I escaped in 1838.

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biography about sojourner truth.

Sojourner truth was a very successful and a very hard working slave. And she was a very famous person and a very important person to.

Sojourner Truth was born in 1797 in New York. She was beat allot because she couldent speak english she could only speak Dutch and she could not follow orders correctly. She was sold her first time at 9 years old. She was very smart and learned English just by listening to others talk. She had to work constantly and was sold 7 times.

Sojourner Truth had a husband named Robert from a near by farm and had 5 children. Sadly one child dyed shortly after birth. She escaped around 1825 however Dumont had little option as all slaves in New York would be free by 1827 when the year was up Dumont changed his mind.

She accomplished to be free by 1828 and became abolitionist. Her stories and speeches help people understand immoral slavery was and that it must be stopped. She also stood for women's rights. Interesting fact here original name was Isabella.

in conclusion Sojourner Truth inspired allot of people and she was a very interesting person.

by: Cayden narrow


Hi my name is Isabel something weird happened today. I was walking my cow and was holding my cat then I saw some soldiers walking by a I saw a flag from the south. It seemed like they were all mad. I ran back home and mom told me to go and feed the chickens. I looked over and saw mom starring at me. After I was done feeding the chickens I went to the chicken coup and I was getting the chicken eggs out of the baskets. I turned around because I heard a rustling noise. I looked at the corn field. I stood there for quite a wile but at that moment when I was about to turn around I saw a eye in the corn field watching me. Then the eye got bigger. Then I ran with my cat princes as fast as I could to the house. When I got to the house I pressed up against the house and I forgot that I had the eggs in my hand and I dropped them on the floor and they all broke. I knew that mother was going to be furious but I didn't care right now because I was scared half to death. Later my family and me sat at the dinner table. I told mother what had happened and surprisingly I didn't get the reaction I thought I was going to get. a

Actually mother was happy. And that was weird. We prayed and then we ate. When mother and father when't into the bedroom I quickly ran out of my room, grabbed the lantern and ran outside. The reason I ran outside is because I was taking them some food. I went back to the house and opened the door I saw grandma knitting something. The next morning me and princes went to go and feed the chickens. After I was done feeding the chickens I went back home and I saw two men in are house. The two men were holding a wanted sign at my grandpa. Then I looked over and I saw an eye in the stairs closet. The men left the house and I went outside and watched them leave on there horse. I ran outside that night and saw a doll behind are barn. I took it to the house and I fell asleep with it. THE END


war letter

July 21, 1861
Dear, mama

We gathered troops. And so did the confederate. Then we started to fight and the war began. A hole bunch of people died and allot of people suffered because of injury. The next day the confederate set up a sneak attack and we weren't ready for that. They started to go into peoples sleeping area and killing them. Then that was it we had to surrender because we were low on food and ammo and other resources so they won the war.

I survived the war and I'm coming back home. 2,896 and 460 died or suffered on the union. And 1,982 and 387 died or suffered of the confederate.

your son

Cayden narrow