Hidden Hypnotic Secrets & MLM

I love to spread the news about creative stuff on the internet as much as I like to create interesting content that makes you read through, until the end.

So I'm having a good time with my family watching this movie about these two hilarious guys who don't seem to get lucky with these two beautiful sisters of their college class.

As my girlfriend was hysterically laughing about the last scene, which by the way is not appropriate to tell here now, The commercials come along and my trained marketer eye caught something very interestingly bizarre on the TV screen...

Anyway, commercial starts and I see this weird nerdy guy trying to sell insurance. Actually we was doing something that was NOT helping with the selling.

The man was on a rant about all the disasters that could happen if you don't buy his car insurance. He gave some examples...the classic one about how the piano might fall from the 6th floor crushing you car into pieces. No big deal, until this one...listen. How an EAGLE could eat your eyeballs while you were driving, causing you a terrible accident. I cracked up lol...

I though this was so unexpectedly bizarre and funny at the same time that I couldn't stop laughing. By the way, for me, getting blind is worst than not having the car insurance covered. Well, that's me!

The commercial might be weird & funny but it doesn't necessarily creates you the desire to buy the insuranse. Simply because it misses one crucial step: the ability to create positive unconscious representations in your mind.

EVERYTHING you hear, see and listen makes you automatically create an image in your head. Obviously, at the surface the picture of the eagle eating people's eyes might look inoffensive. Unconsciously it's not...heck it looks scary and unsafe. The opposite of insurance.

The weird insurance guy would have done a better job focusing on the feeling of Security, Confidence and Trust people could Experience after buying his insurance.

This example serves as an analogy to what's going on the Internet Marketing Businesses right now.

Most people doing Internet Marketing have a good heart but they fail the communication part. They focus on the bad experiences, the scams and how their product is not a scam. The frustrations and how their product doesn't make people frustrated. Well Guess what. That's exactly those negative image representations people are going to picture in their head, making them unconsciously associate those negative feelings with your product.

As someone working from home and succeeding you have the ability to communicate experiences of love, power, confidence, prosperity, success, teamwork, satisfaction.

That's the beauty of it all, when you believe that success is at your hand when you learn how to hypnotically command your prospects to buy now.

Imagine having the ability to create images on other people heads, as they look at you, call you and chase you down the streets screaming: Can I pull out my credit card now? I just wanna join. Please let me in!

That's the difference between someone who is wealthy and living the dream, travelling and enjoying the beaches of the world and someone who is broke and complaining all the time.

By imagining feelings of empowerement you realize now that this skill can be leant and you too can start making others feel good buying your products or your free products...and by now you can't help yourself but click on this link and start unveilling the blueprint of internet marketing success.

beach lover,

Tiago S.