Sickle Cell Disease

Pamela MIller


Is a condition in which the red blood cells in your body are shaped like a sickle ( like the letter c)


This condition happens when the sickle cells block blood flow in your child's hands and feet. signs and symptoms include fever and pain, swelling or coldness in the hands and feet.


prescription pain medicines. You need a prescription from your baby's provider for those medicines. A prescription is an order for medicine written by a heath care provider.

Life Expectancy

She may recommend a yearly ultrasound starting at age 2.

3 important facts or points

1. Sickly Cell Disease is the most common hereditary hematologic disorder in the the world

2. Sickle cell disease is a generic term for a group of genetic disorders characterized by a predominance of hemoglobin S.

3.A gene for sickle hemoglobin from the other parent.