Lost Nearly 100 pounds Eating Pizza

Grace Rohs

Article Summary

In 2011 Pasquale Cozzoline moved to New York as a chef in a pizza restaurant. He started off at 6’6” weighing 254 pounds and grew to 370 pounds with a 48-inch pants waist. When he visited family in Italy, no one recognized him because stress eating god the best of him. That is when he decided he needed to change his diet. He turned to pizza. He explained his pizzas as Neapolitan-style pizzas that consisted of dough made from just water, flour, and salt with light toppings of fresh tomato sauce, thin layer of mozzarella cheese, and basil. He even let his dough for 26 hours, which lets all the natural sugars getting eaten away. His pizzas consist of only around 540-570 calories. Eating the pizzas regularly with the addition of kickboxing classes helped him 40 pounds after three months. It is stated that he did face headaches and mood swings, but he started to see the difference and continued on to loss another 54 pounds. He started off with knee and back problems plus stomach ulcers but ended up 94 pounds lighter with no ulcers or back and knee problems. He saved his health that was in the path to a heart attack by eating pizza.

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Article Critque

The New York Post is considered a “tabloid” magazine. This is considered a condensed magazine written in a smaller format than say the Times. The Post is known more for “salacious stories”- sex, drugs, scandal betrayal, etc. It would be considered a reliable nutrition and health source, and the health stories written by the Post should be looked into before applying the methods to one’s own life. The author, Claudine Ko, is a journalist that has had many of her works published from different sources including: The New York Times, Men’s Health, Budget Travel, and many more. However, this article does not have significant facts to prove this fab diet is healthy for different individuals. This is a well written article, but it is more of a documentation of a man’s story and how he lost weight. There are no significant facts proved this source to be reliable for one’s health. The article does include the healthy recipe for the pizza and the fermentation process that makes the dough healthier than normal dough, but there is no scientific evidence to back up this story. Many fad diets do not take into consideration of what the body needs everyday to function properly. A healthy diet according to the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges recommends that 45-65% of kcal is from carbohydrates, 20-35% ok kcal from fat, and 10-35% of kcal from protein. Just looking at protein alone, the pizza ingredients do have a significant amount for a normal healthy diet. Protein allows the muscle in the body to move properly and stay strong. He did say he consumed a Mediterranean style breakfast and exercised three times a week, but the pizza portions throughout the day does not give the body what it fully needs. He lost weight very rapidly from this diet and stated in Nutrition for Health and Health Care, ”Rapid weight loss usually means excessive loss of lean tissue, a lower BMR, and a rapid weight gain to follow.” (DeBruyne). For Pasquale Cozzoline to keep the weight loss off, I would recommend a change in diet to have a more of a variety, which includes more high protein foods and a low sugar diet while maintaining the exercise.


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