Hailey and Chloe's Geocity

About our Geocity

Lets start with 3-D shapes. Panda Pharmacy is a sphere, Iguana Ice-cream is a cone, Gorilla Groceries is a cylinder, Ape Apartments is a rectangular prism, Monkey Mall is a cube, Mammal School is a cylinder, Cougar Coffee is a rectangular pyramid and so is Tiger T-shirts, and the fountain is a rectangular prism. Here are the 2-D shapes. Zebra Zoo is a parallelogram, Cheetah Shoes is a rectangle, Snakes Sushi is a hexagon, Alligator Airport is an octagon, and Buffalo Bowling is a trapezoid.

More About Our City

The Perpendicular lines are: Zebra Avenue coming into Alligator Street and Alligator street coming in Giraffe Avenue. The Parallel lines are: Alligator Street and Monkey Blvd and Lion Blvd and Giraffe Avenue. The intersecting lines are Monkey Blvd and Giraffe Avenue and Alligator Street and Giraffe Avenue.

Some of our Angles

Extra info on geocity

How Jungleville was made

In 2014 Chole came to Hailey's house and they thought "why don't we do jungle themed?" So the started to get to work and the made Jungleville.


Jungleville is located at Hyer elementary