Mark Twain's Life

By:Lexi Bunten


  • Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorn Clemens.
  • Sixth child of John Marshall and Jane Lamptor Clemens.
  • Mark Twain had bad health for his first ten years.
  • Born in Florida, Missouri, later moved to Hannibal Missouri.
  • Mark Twain died the twenty-first of April, 1910.

Early Childhood

  • Samuel grew up by the river.
  • Twain's father died when he was twelve.
  • Samuel had some characters in his writing based off of his family.
  • Some of his story's were from the river he grew up by.
  • Somewhat later, Samuel was apprenticed to a printer where he began typing.

Education & Career

  • Samuel somewhat gained his education on the river
  • Later the Civil War messed up his career as a river pilot.
  • Samuel had lot's of jobs, including a river pilot, Virginia City newspaper editor, reporter in California, and a roving reporter in Hawaii.


  • Samuel married a woman named Olivia in 1870
  • She helped him write with her emotions.
  • Mark Twain had two children.
  • One of his daughter died at a young age.


  • Huckleberry Finn is banned from schools and such.
  • Reason book is banned, because of racial overtones.
  • Twain wrote more than ten famous books.