Ordovician Time

By: Allison Elmore

What you might find

Cephalopod, Crinoid, Jawless fish, and Brachiopod. Invertebrates dominate the oceans. Early vertebrates and Jawless fish become common. You may see giant squid.

Major Geologic events

Warm shallow seas covered most of the earth. Ice Cap covers what is now North Africa. Many fish were becoming popular as other fish die. They were just discovering that there was land.

The cliamte and Environment

For the most part earths climate was warm and wet. This particular area is known to be the tropics, marines, and seas. The earth then was covered in water.

You might like to see....

You might like to see the coral at the bottom of the ocean, Giant fish, many plants, squid, jawless fish, cephalopod, crinoid and Brachiopod.
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What you need to bring

You need to pack your scuba suit and your swimming suit because if anything you are going to get wet. Bring your own bottle of water because you shouldn't drink the salt water. If you don't like fish you really need to bring your own food. At night you ned to have a boat or something to ride in so your not in the water all day. You may need to bring a fishing pole so you can catch your food if you'd like.


No food except fish, no purified water its all salt, fear horseshoe because they are like crabs and scorpions mixed together. There are many giant squid that can and will eat you. Without a boat you could drowned, without scuba gear you will not be able to last long in the water.
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