Free Feldenkrais® sessions

on Saturday May 16th 2015

Would you like to experience a Feldenkrais Method® hands-on session at no cost?

Do you want to help future practitioners get the skills they need in order to help people?

The Feldenkrais Training of Baltimore is looking for volunteers for Practice Day, so trainees can practice what they have been learning for three years.

This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of this method!

The Feldenkrais Method® is a gentle way to find more possibilities to move, which leads directly to less pain, less tension, and more ease in your daily life.

It's easy to volunteer!

Register before Monday, May 11th : Complete and send the form below.

If you know of someone who would be interested in this offer, please forward them this email.

On Saturday May 16th : come to the training (address below), you will be assigned to a practitioner and will receive a 45mn to 60mn hands-on session. You will be lying on a table or on a mat, or be sitting in a chair.

We have a limited number of volunteers needed to match with the number of trainees, be sure to register before Monday May 11th!

  • Please be on time on the day of the Practice (3.15pm) so you can check-in and sign the necessary paperwork before getting your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and expect to take your shoes off.
  • We will offer light refreshments after the session.

Do you have questions? Contact Jeri :

Feldenkrais Training Practice Day

Saturday, May 16th, 3:15pm

4 Wyndhurst Avenue

Baltimore, MD