Animal Farm

Matthew Perry


Boxer is a horse on Animal Farm and he enjoys to work hard. He is strong and is the biggest worker on the farm he even gets up an hour earlier every day to start working before anyone else. He is not the smartest person but he is incredibly strong.


"I will work harder." He says this because he always works hard and if he has to work harder he will. For example when he had to work harder because the windmill was destroyed twice. So of course what did he do he worked harder both times with early wake up calls and pushing his body beyond the natural limit.
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My theme for the story is equality mainly because there is a lot to say about it. In the beginning of the story they take over animal farm saying that all animals were equal but they were skeptical of the rats. Then the pigs take over talking about how they are smarter and can do the important jobs unlike the other animals. They say that they deserve better food to keep them healthy because their jobs are harder. They give themselves all of the alcohol as well because the other animals didn't deserve it. The pigs got special schooling to make them and only them smarter. So you can really see how the pigs are getting singled out in a beneficial way.

Battle of Cowshed

During the battle of the cowshed Mr. Jones decides to come back with a gun and other farmers who had blunt weapons. They entered through the gate and the animals ambushed them at snowballs command. The birds were attacking from the skies with the geese at their heels. The humans entered the cowshed and the animals attacked head on with Snowball leading the charge. Boxer knocked one of them out and the humans were starting to flee from the animals might. Mr. Jones was able to shoot and kill one of the sheep he also shot Snowball but he was just grazed. They then pushed the humans out completely and then buried the dead. The boy Boxer knocked out escaped during the time the animals were getting their medals.
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The Animal Flag is my symbol because it really is a powerful item. It shows how these common farm animals were able to escape from the tyrant of Mr. Jones and began anew for themselves and only themselves. It was their inspiration for continuing toward a brighter future and a full scale overthrow of England.
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