Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

5 Helpful Tips

1) Stretch

You'd be surprised at how many injuries you could be preventing simply by stretching. While stretching be sure to do physical exercises involving the muscle you will be using, in order to warm it up properly. Static stretches do not have the same effect on muscles and are better used for cool downs. Some cardio like jumping jacks, or lunges are the perfect warm up stretches.

2) Using the Right Equipment

It may seem like a simple task, but it's crazy how many sports related injuries occur due to the incorrect use of equipment. While engaging in physical activities, be sure to have all the correct equipment for your exercise including shoes,hair ties, the whole 9 yards. Make sure you also take safety precautions while using the equipment and read and follow the instructions carefully

3) Following the Rules

As simple as it is to follow the rules while engaging in a physical sport or activity, more often than not will injuries happen from messing around and attempting to try something different. So just be sure to attentively listen to the rules to avoid possible injuries

4) Start out Slow

It's good to push yourself, but definitely know your limit enough to not risk physically injuring yourself. Start out slow with a warm up and if you're just getting into a certain sport or activity don't let others make you feel less because they're simply more expedience. Take your time and let your body adapt before jumping in and risking an injury.

5) Cool Down

After you're finished in engaging in physical activity, cool down your muscles by doing some static stretches to really stretch out those tighten muscles from your workout. Let your muscles recover in order to prevent injury and always drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

by following all of these tips you're one step closer to not risking any further injuries