February 8th-12th

Dear Parents,

We had a great Catholic Schools Week! I think the kids favorite days were "Get up and Move Day and Buddy Game Day"... Surprise Surprise! :)

Mass will be on Ash Wednesday this week at 1:30. All are welcome to attend! I am looking forward to talking with the kids about Lent and the opprtunity we have to grow closer to Christ. Our field trip is also this week ,on Thursday, to see Seussical the Musical.

If you plan to turn in the Six Flags reading logs, they are due by Feb 26th.

I was out sick last Thursday. There was a D.O.L and high frequency test given that day which I had not intended to be. These will be given again this coming Tuesday like planned(Feb 9th). This Friday is a half day and there is no school Monday, February 15th.

Week plans

Reading: the next couple weeks we will be ready Snowy Day focusing on comprehension, prediction, and vocabulary. In Phonics we will learn about combination ir and ur, the /s/sound in c,final /s/ spelling rules,digraph ch and ow.

Writing and Grammar: we will be doing some fun Valentine's Day writing this week along with crafts. The D.O.L test will be on Tuesday. We will review Monday and Tuesday.

Math: we will continue problem solving, take a check for progress quiz and our Chapter 3 test. There will be a practice test sent home this week for homework.

Religion: we will talk about the meaning of Lent, sacrifice, the corporal works of mercy and acts of love.

Tests and Updates

High frequency word test and DOL test on Tuesday, February 9th.

Phonics assessment on Friday, February 12th.

Spelling Test on Friday, February 12th over words: run, take, title, me, thing, shell, will, looking, she’s, little, two, and one. The sentences are: Frank goes to class at twelve. He'll take a test at one. He needs to make a good grade .

The Angel of God test is on February 19th.