KCS GT Update

November 2020 Volume 6

What's Happening in GT Class?

This year, our lessons will focus on grade level GT Competencies that will guide our instruction and support student learning. These competencies will extend student thinking and problem solving and are aligned with the NAGC standards. They will be embedded throughout the year and taught via direct instruction as well as threaded within the synchronous and asynchronous work that will be completed each week. Check out our competencies and our GT Department Vision below.

Knox County Gifted and Talented Department Vision

Our responsibility to students is to foster an environment that cultivates insatiable thinkers who persevere in solving problems critically and creatively within our global community.

Our responsibility to teachers is to build the capacity to continue to develop and implement innovative, research-based teaching strategies for high ability learners through gifted professional development and co-planning.

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Who Needs a Pep Talk?

We all need some inspiration sometimes. (By the way, ask your child where the word "inspiration" came from. Hopefully, they can tell you what it means to "inspire" someone.)

Watch this short (3:27 minute) video. Share it with your child. Life can be a game. Let's be on the same team. What did you take away from this pep talk?


As we try to navigate new norms, many gifted children might feel increased stress or exhibit out of the ordinary behavior. NAGC has compiled a helpful list of resources for you and your students during COVID-19. These resources provide strategies that can help parents and students navigate how they are feeling.

*While this article was published last spring, we feel the information in it is still very timely.


Kids and Sleep

Are you one of the countless parents who have experienced the frustration of trying to get your kids to go to sleep and stay asleep. The coronavirus hasn’t helped matters. A lot of kids, even those who had no significant sleep issues before the pandemic, are having trouble now. And those who had struggled in the past may have regressed. Check out this article to find ways to counteract what might be keeping your child awake!
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Stay Connected

Check out these local artists at the Emporium Art Center from November 6th through the 24th.
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Life Hacks and Family Fun

As parents, you have one of the toughest jobs out there! Click here to find 100 genius hacks guaranteed to make YOUR job easier!

KCS GT Department

The KCS Gifted and Talented department strives to create a SAFE environment for each other, our teachers, students, schools and parents where we value Support, Advocacy, Flexibility, and Empathy.

As instructional coaches, we will meet each teacher where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in service delivery and instructional practice in order for every teacher to feel confident in providing challenging and engaging instruction requiring students to persevere through complex tasks.

As gifted practitioners, we will meet each student where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in student efficacy in order for every student to feel confident in participating in complex tasks, advocating for themselves, and utilizing a growth mindset.

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