Because Of Mr.Trupt

Rob Buyeu

by: Sierra Jett


If you like funny and gross books then you should read Because Of Mr.trupt? The author, Rob Buyeu, and is a teacher uses his knowledge to write a book about a 5th grade class. this is Rob Buyeu first book that he has wrote.


in the beginning of the book some of his students don't like him as a teacher. In the middle of the book something bad happens to Mr.Trupt. In the end of the story he gets better and all of his students are so excited to see him.

opinion of the book

I like Because Of Mr.Trupt because it is funny and sad. I also like Because Of Mr.Trupt because you can picture everything that is happening. The last thing I like about the book is the author uses very good emotions and feelings. If you haven't read Because Of Mr.Trupt I recommend this book for you.


Some connections i can make is that Mr.Trupt gets sick and i have been sick before. This book really good at explaning all of the characters feelings and what they are doing. You should have a lot of connections to this book.


I would recommend this book to kids and adults because it is funny and sad. This book is great and you should read Because Of Mr.Trupt if you haven't alredy.