The Roar By Emma Clayton

Made By Clarisse Villalobos

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The Roar By Emma Clayton

Mika and Ellie have been living in a world behind a big wall they say is just a town that was burnt down due to the war that just past. After Ellie being captured, Mika is alone. His parents tell him to stop believing that Ellie is not dead and to let her go. But Mika feels that Ellie is alive. Can they come together and fight what evil captured Ellie?

Character Analysis

Mika is the main character from the story. In the beginning of the book he thought no one was going to get him. He was shy, was teased on, and rebellious. But when he got a therapist, Ms. Helen, gives him a warning he quickly changes and is the best student that the school has ever had. And what had seemed as a great opportunity playing in a video game goes wrong when he is being forced to tell lies to his parents. He grows strong and a closer friendship with a girl named Audrey. He goes from being a weak, shy, lonely boy to a strong, intelligent, and brave young man.
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Ellie was taken away from her family by an evil villain, Mal Gorman. He wants "special" kids to train. Mika knows Ellie is still alive, even though everyone in his family says she is dead, and he goes on a quest. Mal Gorman hosts a competition for the game he made POD FIGHTER. Mika gains Mal Gorman's attention. When Mika wins the competition, things get disastrous. Mika makes a promise to Mal Gorman to stay on the ship he has. But when Mika and his best friend, Audrey, go missing Mal Gorman thinks they have escaped. Mika then faces the army that Mal Gorman throws at them. They discover a forest behind the walls and realize they have been lied to about the war. Beyond the wall, was a forest that they would soon explore.


The setting is behind a huge wall in future London where there is nothing but metal around them. No trees, flowers, or anything in color.
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Falling Action

Ellie and Mika finally meet after all these years. But a new danger is loose because now the know what is beyond the wall and will tell everybody to break down those walls. Mal Gorman is displeased. Will they succeed or will the great struggles they face devour them and taste defeat?


Emma Clayton is a British Author who writes children novels and dystopian thrillers. The next book in this series that she wrote is The Whisper.