Got Grease?


Potato chips are very greasy, I want to find out which brand of potato chips has the most grease in it.


I think the lays chips are the most greasy because when I touch the chip, I can feel some oily stuff left on my finger tips and my hand.


  • 5-6 brands of chips(Lays,Kroger,365,Archer farms,Pringles,Ruffles)
  • Brown lunch sacks
  • Rolling Pin
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • 2 Helpers


1. Get three chips of each brand out

2- Next, place them in the Brown Lunch Sacks

3- Using the rolling pin , crush the chips to small pieces

4- Observe which brand of chips excreted the most amount of oil, by determining which brown sack had the largest amount of oil leaked through it.


  • While doing my research I found out that the chips are deep fried , and it becomes saturated fat which can not be seen , ordinarily by holding the chip in hand. However when we crushed the chips we could see the oil spreading.


  • Any thing is that is you fry something it will have grease.


  • One more thing is if you just eat one serving or one ounce of potato chips you gain about 11 grams of fat you think thats not a lot ,oh no that is sooooo much fat.And that since the chips have so much fat you might get some really bad DISEASES . Some of those diseases are diabetes type 2 and some heart diseases.


  • One more word for fat is lipids. One more thing is that in your food there are three acids in your food these three acids are : chains of carbon atoms of varying lengths,with hydrogen atoms bound to the carbons. The structure of the fatty acid determines its chemical characteristics, such as whether it is liquid or solid at room temperature.


  • BUT if your chips are :Steaming, baking or roasting, broiling and grilling , they are much more better and healthier too.


  • The experiment showed that the Lays brand Chips has the most grease.
  • In second came the Ruffles brand chips.
  • Pringles brand chips showed the least amount of grease.


  • The purpose of the experiment was to determine which brand of chips contains the most oil.
  • In conclusion, my hypothesis is correct that the Lays brand chips had the most oil.
  • This was determined by observing the amount of oil excreted from the different brands of chips .
  • Lays chips has 10 grams of total fat with 1.5 gram of saturated fat in one serving of about 1 oz or 15 chips , containing 160 calories.
  • I left these chips in the brown lunch sacks for 4 more days and the result is eye opening as the whole sack is now covered in oil.
  • Pringles brand has the least amount of oil because it is not real potato chips, and is actually a mixture of different parts of the potato. So it does not not absorb a lot of oil as it not made with real potato.
  • I learned that potato chips in general have a lot of fat in them, and that I shouldn't eat them as often.