iPad apps for education

Keenan Guillas

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Free download; license required for use

Adobe brings its fantastic photo-editing software to the iPad for an intuitive, creative app that allows easy transformation of photos.

This app could be used in a photography or visual media class as a supplement to or replacement of a desktop computer; students could carry their iPads with them and edit from any part of the school, which would be handy when they are on shooting excursions outside of the classroom.

Updates to Lightroom for mobile and Lightroom for web
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CDN $3.99

Beaker transforms your iPad into a virtual beaker. With it, students can experiment with 150 different chemicals to see how they react.

This would be a useful app for chemistry students who want to study an experiment or chemicals they will be working with in the lab before actually doing it; they will get to see how the chemicals react together and what they should expect from their experiment.

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SkyView - Explore the Universe

CDN $2.79

SkyView allows its users to put their iPads to the sky and see the constellations and planets no matter what time of day it is. SkyView overlays celestial information on top of the camera view, making it easy to find objects in the sky.

Students studying the sky as part of a science class could use this to find certain objects in the sky, or to keep track of the rising and setting of the sun, moon, or any star or planet. It would help them make observations or see how the sky changes throughout the year.

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Green Screen by Do Ink

CDN $3.99

This green screen app lets students film themselves in front of a green screen, then put any sort of backdrop onto it through post-production editing.

This app could be used by students in a visual communications class, or for any class that has the students making videos as a project.

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French Class

CDN $3.99

This app helps students with new vocabulary, verb conjugation, and more for French.

It could be used as a homework supplement for students in French as a Second Language, or as a basis for the content covered in the course. It offers exercises for recall as well as simple lists of things students should know, and tracks progress for students.